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Article: Sustainable Swimwear

corales de paz

Sustainable Swimwear

Hey Wild Girl, did you know you are helping Mother Earth with every purchase of our fabulous radiant bikinis?

Wild And Pacific is becoming a more Sustainable Swimwear brand every day. Our goal is not solely to make you look spectacular under the sun, as young entrepreneurs and new generation creatives we embrace our responsibility to protect our Mother Earth by including green practices in our businesses.



What is ECONYL?

ECONYL is a techno-fiber made A 100% from regenerated nylon sourced from discarded fishnets, industrial plastic and other nylon waste types recovered from landfills and oceans all over the world.


Our products are made using ECONYL regenerated nylon, so besides looking radiant and super sexy in your Wild & Pacific bikini, you are being part of a large team committed to protecting mother earth. Sounds great, right? When you wear our luxury bikinis, at the same time, you are promoting an eco-friendly sustainable lifestyle.

sustainable swimwear


With ECONYL, we can re-use and re-create high end bikinis without consuming additional resources while protecting and cleaning our oceans.

Corales de Paz

Hand in hand with our strategic partner Corales de Paz, we have managed to save an area of more than 2,400m2 of damaged coral reefs in the island of Providencia.

corales de paz

Corales de Paz is a community of people from all over the world, united by the desire to generate a positive ecological impact driven by their approach “diving with a purpose”. For each outfit (Top + Bottom) that our consumers acquire in our different sales channels, Wild & Pacific will donate $ 3,000 COP/ 5 USD to Corales de Paz, with this contribution they will be transplanting coral reefs in the Colombian Caribbean, restoring the reefs affected by climate change, indiscriminate fishing, and other damages caused by lack of education and morality over the years…

Besides being our allies, they are an inspiration to continue working every day for our cause to protect Mother Earth.



None of this would be possible without your help Wild Girl! For every bikini you buy, you are actively contributing to our mission to save Caribbean coral reefs.


Here at Wild & Pacific, we seek to promote safe, luxurious, sustainable, ethical and adventurous lifestyles to the public eye, so that we can all become part of a world in which nature and humanity can coexist equally in harmony.

Now that you know a little more about our commitment to the planet, feel sexy, and proud to be part of our Planet Earth team.

Check out our ECO collection here.



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