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At Wild & Pacific, we are driven by the desire to raise awareness and interest in protecting the environment through our designs and brand DNA, with a particular focus on marine life conservation. This is why we have partnered with MarAdentro, a non-profit organization dedicated to the research and preservation of coral reefs, whale sharks, and humpback whales in the Colombian Pacific.

Our commitment extends beyond fostering a sense of connection to nature through our textile materials and brand image. We embrace a holistic approach to sustainability, integrating environmentally friendly practices into every aspect of our production processes. By supporting organizations like MarAdentro, we ensure that our efforts align with a broader purpose of preserving and protecting our planet's precious marine ecosystems.



MarAdentro is a foundation dedicated to promoting the conservation of marine life in the Colombian Pacific. Their knowledge and scientific approach allow them to work on protecting marine diversity by understanding the dynamics of species and the threats faced by their populations.

Working alongside artisanal fishermen and the local community, they aim to ensure better preservation of the various species inhabiting this region, such as the whale shark, humpback whale, and coral reefs. They do this through environmental education and empowering the community to use natural resources sustainably.

Logo MarAdentro


Whale sharks have been studied in some parts of the world; however, Colombia had never been one of them.

The great work of the MarAdentro Foundation is pioneering in Colombia, as they focus on monitoring whale shark populations and collecting scientific information about their demographics (size and sex composition), residency time in the area, population status, feeding and migratory habits, behavior, potential threats, population size, and genetic data. This is all focused at understanding the importance of the Colombian Pacific coast in their migratory routes and their regional conservation needs.

Additionally, they focus their efforts on developing sustainable whale shark tourism in the area, and have recently succeeded, in cooperation with local authorities, in establishing a new policy and code of conduct for whale shark tourism in the region.

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