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Return Policy

At Wild & Pacific® we offer in store credit for the value of the product being returned WITHOUT including shipping costs.

The buyer has the right to an exchange within 12 business days of their Wild & Pacific® merchandise being delivered, only if the following conditions are met:

  • The bathing suit must be in impeccable state and WITHOUT use, with its respective sanitary adhesives still intact.
  • The bathing suit must be returned in its original packaging and with its respective labels.

No piece of merchandise purchased with a discount or promotional coupon can be returned or exchanged.

Wild & Pacific® is not responsible for any shipping expenses or customs duties/taxes with respect to the return or exchange of any merchandise.

If the buyer notices any defects or flaws in the merchandise received, he should communicate the problem with as soon as possible, print the original receipt and attach a brief description of the defect or flaw with the merchandise to be returned. In this case, Wild & Pacific® does assume all shipping costs.

Once the piece of merchandise is in our possession, it will be inspected and if Wild & Pacific® considers the merchandise to be in fact flawed, Wild & Pacific® will reimburse you, or if you prefer, grant you store credit to purchase the same piece of merchandise.

Wild & Pacific® will not be held responsible if the piece of merchandise is lost, stolen or damaged on the return trajectory to our facilities.

We recommend returns be executed using DHL Express or other shipping companies where the package can be easily and safely tracked.