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Article: 5 reasons to choose sustainable swimwear

5 reasons to choose sustainable swimwear

5 reasons to choose sustainable swimwear

Hey, Wild Girl, are you into the sustainable vibe?

Recently, sustainable swimsuits have taken over the fashion world.. It's not unusual to see famous fashionistas wearing this type of swimwear or to find multiple brands that sell them. So why the sudden popularity? Here are 5 reasons why you should consider choosing sustainable swimwear.


1. To improve manufacturing processes for our planet.

The manufacturing process of a swimsuit requires a lot of power and water. However, when a swimsuit is made with natural recycled fabrics, this use of resources is significantly reduced.

At Wild & Pacific, we use ECONYL® fiber, which is a techno-fiber made from 100% regenerated nylon. This includes nylon waste from fishing nets, industrial plastic, and other sources. By using this fiber, we are helping to take care of our planet

fast fashion

2. To say no to fast fashion.

Fast fashion is a model of producing garments in large quantities quickly, without caring about the environmental damage they may cause.

Looking great and feeling good about your swimsuit doesn't have to be a guilty pleasure. Sustainable swimwear is made with the planet in mind, using healthy processes that are designed to last.

ocean rescue

3. To reduce ocean plastics.

Every year, countless tons of plastic end up in our oceans, putting marine life and the environment at risk. If you, Wild Girl, decide to buy sustainable bathing suits, you will be supporting the ocean rescue efforts that transform plastic waste into nylon materials used in our bikinis that are themselves also recyclable. This way, you are contributing to our mission to keep our oceans free from contaminants.

eco swimwear

4. To preserve natural resources.

From start to finish, our bikinis are made with textiles which are custom created and uniquely used within our process. For each new bikini, new raw materials must be sourced to generate the primary textiles used in the design.

All this has changed with the arrival of sustainable swimsuits, because the materials with which they are manufactured can be perfectly reused, greatly reducing environmental impact because if you want to create a new swimsuit you can reuse materials from your old one and you don’t have to use nature to create it.

long lasting

5. They are long lasting

Sustainable swimwear has many advantages, it is also built to last. So you can feel good about your purchase knowing that it will help the environment AND last you a long time. When you purchase a sustainable swimsuit, You save both time and money rather than having to replace your bikini every few months due to wear and tear, you'll have a suit that remains fashionable for a significant amount of time.

Ready to be part of this world with sustainable swimwear?
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