Colombian talent and culture combine to create a collection of swimwear with exclusive designs that triumph in the industry thanks to their originality, versatility and fashion sense.
Inspired by the sunsets, that heat stroke that reminds us of summer loves and the golden sunsets in Rio de Janeiro. The sweetness of coconut water, the energy of the waves and the tanned bodies of the Carioca region of the beautiful South American country.

With our brand we seek to make you feel empowered, strong and unafraid to show all that sensuality that you carry in your skin. Dress with the landscapes and colors of this beautiful tropical desert.
Today at WILD & PACIFIC, we are very excited to finally introduce you to our new collection. Meet the vibrant and bold Wild Ipanema.

Wild Ipanema: surprise everyone with a spectacular beach look

Although neutral colors are still in fashion, there is no better complement for a beach look than vibrant colors that contrast perfectly with your tanned skin. Wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable and beautiful will make you enjoy pleasant moments by the seashore.

Choosing beachwear for women is a challenge, especially when trends point to different aspects. Motivated by this, our designs maintain a particular aesthetic line: timeless and feminine styles, but full of color and energy.

The Wild Ipanema collection is no exception. In it you will find designs with vivid colors, bright prints, risky and that will make you part of a whole display of tropical sensuality.    
Make our designs the protagonists of your beach outfits for women!

The ideal complement to your casual beach outfit

Our outfits are more than just cute beachwear. It is a collection of modern garments, always looking to be fashion forward while maintaining a retro style that is charming.
We will see the predominance of vibrant colors such as pink, orange, green, blue and yellow, a perfect contrast to your tan!
Cuts and colors will be in trend in 2022. For the top part of the swimsuit, strapless tops, bustier or bodice type, reminiscent of the fashion of the 90's, will be common. On the bottom, the minimalist triangle bikini will become a favorite, along with the popular gathered bikini, high-cut bikini and side tie bikini.

You'll find all that and more with Wild Ipanema
There are a total of six designs in which we incorporate colors and prints that you don't want to miss. Are you anxious to know them? Discover them below.

The COBRA Bikini

Perfect for you who love to show off a spectacular body in bold, minimalist and chic designs. The top offers you a perfect fit. The elastic straps provide extra support and comfort in the bust area.

The bottom will perfectly complement your summer beach outfits. With a high cut, inspired by 80's fashion, you will look sexy and spectacular.

Available in vibrant colors! Toucan, Blue Curacao, Tiger and Samba. Learn more about this model in other shades by clicking here.

The RIO Bikini

If you are a sun lover, this is the perfect swimwear for you. Ideal to complement women's beachwear. You know how? With a perfect, flawless tan. Thanks to the Brazilian cut at the bottom, you'll be able to reduce tan lines.
Side ties and bikini bottoms are on trend! Add it to your cart and make it the perfect addition to your casual beach outfit.  
Discover the colors Mermaid Lush, Toucan, Blue Curacao, Tiger, Samba and the colorful Mai Tai Crush.

The ACACIA Bikini

Continuing with the minimalist aesthetics, this swimsuit is inspired by the Brazilian cuts of the 80's. This shows us that retro style is stronger than ever. You just have to visit the social networks of our favorite vloggers.
Acacia is known for its safety and comfort, the halter neck is today's trend!

The MAMBA Bikini

Remember we mentioned to you that bustier tops will be trending for much of 2022? We don't need to tell you why. Discover its charming design and fall in love with it.
The front of the Mamba top reminds us of a bra, but the open back gives you all the sensuality of this incredible tropical paradise. Its ergonomic shape will give you support and comfort, to look radiant and spectacular at all times.
Add back and side ties for unique combinations to your casual beach outfit!

The GIA Bikini

If you are afraid to wear a strapless design, this is the best option you will find to try a different style of swimwear.
Both the top and the bikini will give you the support you need, making you look super sexy. The "V" design on the bottom will make you look slimmer and more stylish.
Dare to try something new!

The LAILA Bikini

Last but not least, we present Laila. This is one of our most versatile designs and part of the growing "upside down" trend.
The high-cut bikini will make you look fantastic, slim and sensual.
Transport yourself to the fantastic beaches of Ipanema with our exclusive designs.
Versatile swimwear models to wear with your beach outfit 

We know you love to wear different styles all summer long. With Wild & Pacific it's possible to do it!
All of our swimwear is designed to be perfect #MixAndMatch. Do you know what that means? You can mix and match as you like the tops or bikinis you purchase from us and still look amazing! All pieces are combinable with each other.

Don't forget to keep discovering all our designs!

In our online store you will find all our new Wild Ipanema collection, but there's more! Like the Jamming, Oasis collections and many other designs with fantastic tones, shapes and details that make them unique like you.

We are waiting for you, Wild Girl!

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