This Summer's swimwear trends are set to explode

Hey Wild Girl, 2022 is just getting started, but it's never too early to pick out your summer swimsuits. We know all our social media is full of trends, colors, designs, and prints.

But how do we choose the perfect Summer swimsuits for our body type and personal style?

Don't worry, we are here to unveil all the secrets of the latest trend in swimwear: modern, amazing and daring, ideal to look spectacular under the sun of the coming season.

Get ready to enjoy the summer heat with the fabulous swimsuit trends for this 2022. Time to choose the sexy swimsuit models that will make you look radiant and confident

Take a look at the 2022 swimsuit trends with us!

Swimsuit color trends 


It's a fact that this summer will be full of vibrant shades, designed to make a perfect match with your tan. Many of the swimsuits on-trend this 2022 range between different shades of pink, mainly those that escalate to intense pinks and magentas.

From our new Wild Ipanema collection, we extract that dose of color we love. SAMBA is the shade of the summer!

Find it available in our RIO, ACACIA, COBRA, and MAMBA styles.

Vibrant colors will take over this season.

Have you ever heard of color blocking? It’s a trend that seeks to combine pieces of contrasting or complementary colors, creating a striking and unique style. Do you dare to try it?

Models - Color Brokin 
This year, pink will go hand in hand with greens, blues, pinks, oranges, and deep yellows.

If you want to get that 'extra', among the swimsuit models we have available for you, dare to combine our exclusive pieces. All our swimsuits are designed to make a perfect Mix & Match. Do you know what that means?

Experience the intensity of the SAMBA color, together with the freshness of BLUE CURACAO, the wild essence of TOUCAN, or the sensuality of RASTA RED. Every combination is possible!

Two-piece swimsuits continue to trend

Bikinis Wild & Pacific
Two-piece swimsuits never go out of fashion. These swimsuits that emerged in the late forties, continue to be in style to this day. The undeniable sensuality evoked by this design makes them one of the best swimsuits for the Summer season.

Sexy bikinis are trending in 2022!

While the basic idea of these two-piece swimsuits has been the same since their creation, it is true that over time, new styles of tops and bottoms have emerged.

Below, we will take a look at the types of trendy bikinis for this Summer.

Swimsuit trends: Tops

Wild&Pacific - Bikini
Which top styles will dominate fashion this Summer? Let's get started!

Triangle bikini

When it comes to tops in particular, fashion continues to point to versatile and modern designs. One of these styles is the ever-present triangle swimsuit top. Our RIO, COBRA, and ACACIA designs follow this trend.

Upside down

On the other hand, the big favorite of the last few seasons is the famous "wrap around" trend. We have seen it on instagramers, influencers and celebrities all over the internet. It consists of a cut similar to the classic triangle swimsuit, with the unique feature of giving the appearance of being upside down.

Wild & Pacific upside down
Without a doubt, the wrap around bikini trend breaks necks and our fabulous LAILA design will make you the spotlight of your Summer stories. The versatility of the back straps lets you intertwine them in the traditional way or in a beautiful halter style.


Now, if you want to get a perfect tan, there’s nothing better than the bandeau cut. This strapless style will significantly diminish your tan lines, creating a more balanced look. Get to know GIA.

Swimsuit trends: Bottoms

For many years we were used to an accelerated change in fashion. Luckily, in recent seasons we have seen a slowdown in the pace at which trends change.

That means we can enjoy those trendy swimsuit bottoms we love so much for longer.
Find out what is hot this 2022

High Waist

In the case of bottoms, the trend towards high-waist cuts continues. This retro design, inspired by the eighties, will make your legs look elongated and your hips more pronounced. It's very flattering for any body type!
If you want to join this trend, opt for our COBRA BOTTOM, GIA BOTTOM, and ACACIA BOTTOM.

Brazilian Bikini

Brazilian Bikini - Wild&Pacific
The Brazilian cut is going to be another one of this Summer's big hits. Besides being a super sexy and flattering style, it will highlight the silhouette of your body like no other. A clear example of this is our RIO BOTTOM design, featuring a V-cut that will make your legs look longer and slimmer.

Become a wild girl

Become a Wild Girl!

Dare to show off all your beauty and sensuality for this Summer 2022! Get any of our two-piece swimsuits and steal all eyes.

You inspire us! Follow us on Instagram, find us like @WILDANDPACIFIC

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