Our Girls

Colombian talent and culture have travelled the world with  Wild & Pacific changing the lives of women who once dreamt of feeling empowered and sexy, while taking care of the earth’s biodiversity. Here, in Wild & Pacific, we're not just designing and manufacturing high end swimwear, but we're encouraging a kind of lifestyle that every woman should follow, where social and environmental responsibility  go hand in hand with luxury. 


Our models are the face of the brand, the ones wearing our beautiful pieces, inspiring other women to be part of our mission too. 

We have the privilege of working with models and public figures from all over the globe; models like Isabelle and Olivia Mathers from Australia, and Julia Muniz from Brazil. We’ve also worked with Victoria's Secret models like Nina Agdal and Rachel Hilbert, and let's not forget about  the many public figures that have been promoting our brand on social media platforms, like  Delilah Belle, Cindy Prado, and  Vale Genta from the U.S,  Shannon de Lima from Venezuela, and   Jennifer Auada from Brazil. 

These are just some of the girls that that have shared our passion and transmit our purpose as a brand, promoting the innate beauty of a strong, empowered, and sexy woman, no matter where she comes from.